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To give you a glimpse into the transformative journey of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, we offer you a 'training teaser' about 'the Arcline', so you can already experience the wisdom and practices that can shape your personal (and teaching) journey.


For the most part human beings identify with their physical body and think of themselves in physical terms - or perhaps at best, as a physical body & a mind. The truth is that the human being is made up of ten bodies: the physical body, three mental bodies and six energy bodies.


1st - Soul Body
2nd - Negative Mind
3th - Positive Mind
4th - Neutral Mind
5th - Physical Body
6th - Arcline
7th - Aura
8th - Pranic Body
9th - Subtle Body
10th - Radiant Body

The Ten Bodies are powerful capacities of the psyche.
Each body has specific gifts that manifest when strong and
certain deficit tendencies that surface when weak.


  • Your caliber is determined by the balance of your Ten Bodies.

  • You can strengthen any of the Ten Bodies by developing an ability to identify which body is out of balance, and then practicing the appropriate technology to strengthen that body.

  • In order to understand how each of the Ten Bodies manifests when it is fully developed, it is useful to examine the lives of each of the Ten Sikh Gurus. Though each of the Gurus were Masters or perfected beings in their lives. we can see examples of how each one clearly personally personified one of the virtues associated with the Ten Bodies. This can be applied to the lives of exemplary teachers and saints from other traditions as well.

  • The root of all disease exists first in one of these spiritual or energy bodies before it manifests outwardly. Therefore. by strengthening and balancing the Ten Bodies, we can make ourselves healthier as well.


6th body

Let's have a closer look into the 6th body. You will get a taste of the valuable content you will be immersed in during the teacher training.

Here you see an image of Guru Hargobind, the 6th Guru who is related to the arcline. 

Schermafbeelding 2024-01-29 om 13.19.12.png




End of Duality, Intuitive Arcline,
"Person at Prayer"
Guru Hargobind
Justice, Protection, Projection

The Arcline extends from earlobe to earlobe, across the hairline and brow. It's your halo, and is the nucleus of the Aura. Women have a second arcline which extends from nipple to nipple. The Arcline is your projection, your radiance. It gives you the ability to focus, to be concentrated, to meditate.


The Arcline, associated with the pituitary gland. regulates the nervous system and glandular balance, thus protecting your heart center. You can use the intuition of your sixth center to protect yourself, so that you can deal with the stresses of life without shutting down your heart.


The projective power of the Sixth Body helps you manifest whatever you want in your life, "I am, I am." is the Arcline. This is the balance point between the physical realm and the cosmic realm, referred to in Sikh Dharrna as Miri-Piri.

If your arcline is weak, you may be overprotective and easily influenced. You may have glandular imbalances, which can lead to inconsistency in your moods and your behavior. You may be unfocused and unable to manifest your goals. You also may not be using your intuition to protect yourself


Key to Balancing: Awaken the pituitary gland — the Third Eye.


Here is a video where Hari Krishan talks about the Sixth Body, the arcline.


Now you know a bit more about the Arcline, let's see why it is interesting to have a deeper look into how we can balance the ten bodies. Kundalini Yoga with its systemized physical and meditation kriyas. works to balance and activate the Ten Bodies. Therefore, a regular, sincere practice of Kundalini Yoga is a comprehensive way to work on all Ten Bodies at once.
If you are aware of a weakness or imbalance in one particular body, and you wish to focus on strengthening and balancing that body in particular, you can do several things:

  • Choose a meditation or kriya that works that particular body, or which uses a mantra associated with strengthening that aspect.

  • Chant the songs (Gurbani) or teachings of the corresponding Guru. You may study his life and words, as well.

  • Follow the recommendations in the 'Key to Balancing' suggestions in the Profile of the Ten Bodies.


Yogi Bhajan,- February 19. 1996

Gyan Chakra Kriya Meditation is one of the most sacred kriyas in Kundalini. Yoga. It was practiced so miracles could happen. There is a story associated with it: Over 2,000 years ago Rishi Anand saw with his intuitive eye that a great weather shift and famine would strike the country and create much hardship and death. He asked all the monks in his ashram to practice this every day, selflessly. After three years, the famine struck hard. The monks had attracted opportunity, wealth and prosperity and had stored a lot of food. So they opened free kitchens and distributed their food, and brought more in from great distances. They saved humanity for two full years until the effects of the famine had passed.

>>  A video & the music of this meditation can be found below the text  <<

POSTURE: Sit in Easy Pose. It is important to sit with a straight spine.

MUDRA: Hands are in Gyan Mudra (the tip of the thumb and the tip of the index fin-ger together). Keep the other three fingers straight and pressed together side by side. Stretch your arms over your head. Create a steady movement: Begin making large alter-nate circles of the arms. The right arm swoops in a large counterclockwise circle over the head, back behind the body and then out to the right as low as the heart center. The left arm moves in a large clockwise circle over the head, back behind the body and out to the left. Stagger the movement of the two arms. As the Left arm comes over the head, the right arm is circling out to the right of the body_ As the right arm moves towards the head, the left arm moves out to the left of the body. This way the arms won't col-lide with one another. Keep the arms circling up and around and move forcefully in rhythm with the mantra. one revolution per second.


Schermafbeelding 2024-01-30 om 08.14.18.png

MANTRA: Chant clearly and forcefully from the Navel Point to the tape of Sat Nam Wahe Qum, Indian Version #2, with this mantra: Sat naam, sat naam, wha-hay guroo, wha-hay guroo


TIME: Continue for II minutes. For the last 30 seconds, move as fast as possible.

TO END: inhale, stretch the arms straight up to hug the ears and stretch the spine as much as possible. Hold I0 seconds, exhale and repeat two more times. During the last inhale and stretch, twist the body first left then right seven times then come to center and exhale.

This meditation is fantastic for healing. It helps the heart and joints. It lowers stored anger. It increases intuition. In 120 days of steady practice you will change and your capacity to realize change changes. Its primary effect is that it brightens your halo. It builds the aura. It activates the arcline. which taps the knowledge from the aura and akasha. That is why arcline is called the seal of knowledge. Life becomes different. You realize your reality and much prosperity runs to you. Your radiance and presence communicates and elevates your life. As a personal practice. do it regularly for 120 days.


Sat Nam Wahe Guru - Indian Version


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